Havelock Island

Andaman Islands, India

We Welcome you to the Andaman Islands


We recommend Andaman Bubbles Scuba Diving Centre for beginner and experience scuba divers. ( Located 5km from the resort )


The surrounding jungles ( in addition to your front doorstep! ) are perfect for bird watching. You may also like to take a guided jungle walk to observe or photograph the local flora & fauna.


Snorkeling and fishing and other boat excursions can be arranged. We offer some exclusive and unique daytrips. contact us for more details!

Breathe... Relax... Refresh...

BREATHE in the fresh sea air, let it invigorate and RELAX you. Take in the view of the green jungles and rice paddy fields from your private cottage. Revitalize yourself with simple and scrumptious island cuisine. REFRESH your mind, body and soul with meditation and contemplation.

Tucked away in the lush forests of Havelock Island, The Flying Elephant is situated in the small village of Kalapathar away from the hustle and bustle of the busy tourist area of the island.

We offer you a haven to restore your connection to nature. The azure sea is only a short stroll away and waits for you to plunge into its warm tropical waters. White sands extend as far as the eye can see. Walk for miles with only the hermit crabs and sea birds as your guides. The jungle anticipates your quiet footsteps. Explore on your own or with a guide. Meander between the village houses and paddy fields taking in a taste of local island life.

We invite you to experience a quieter world away from it all. Slow down, rejuvenate and recharge!!!

Our Facilities

Open-air Eatery

Enjoy a leisure snack or meal at our open-air eatery while you take in the beautiful view of the paddy field and forest.


All our accommodations are fan-cooled with attached bathroom. Running hot water is currently provided through wood-fired boilers.

White Sandy Shore

The beautiful white sandy shore of Kalapathar Beach is a pleasant 2 min along the walk through the towering jungle trees from the resort.

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